Seth Meyers Rips His Writers for Getting Post Malone’s Tattoos Wrong in Day Drinking Segment

Seth Meyers Rips His Writers for Getting Post Malone’s Tattoos Wrong in Day Drinking Segment

Seth Meyers jokingly roasted his Late Evening writers after downing drinks throughout a phase together with his visitor, Publish Malone. The late night time host was joined by the rapper at a bar in New York Metropolis, the place they knocked again photographs and beer whereas quizzing each other.

Whereas making a signature drink for his visitor, Meyers mentioned he usually concocts one thing linked to an artist’s music, however selected to attract inspiration from Malone’s many tattoos.

“You’ve gotten a tattoo, true or false, that claims, ‘Drained No Extra,’” Meyers mentioned, however Malone corrected him, saying his ink really reads, “At all times Drained.”

Meyers paused and requested, “What?” whereas Malone laughed it off, assuring him the message meant the “similar factor.”

As he opened a bottle of iced espresso, Meyers mentioned, “You’ve gotten a tattoo that’s ‘At all times Drained,’” then turned to pointedly take a look at somebody past the digicam whereas saying, “So our workforce received the primary tattoo flawed.”

Whereas pouring out the drink, Meyers defined, “Effectively, that is known as ‘Drained No Extra,’ which is the tattoo I’m gonna make these fucking dummies get,” which earned loads of laughter from his visitor. The revolting beverage consisted of espresso, Purple Bull and 4 Loko — all topped off with some Pixy Stix.

Malone downed practically all of his drink in a single gulp, then instructed Meyers, “I believe that’s fairly good. You could possibly promote that.” In response, Meyers snuck in a single final dig at his writers, saying, “And the excellent news is, we are able to promote it as a result of the title’s accessible.”

The phase then lower to a message from Meyers, who defined, “Hey, mea culpa, all people. I used to be instructed that after the primary drink that I misinterpret the intro.” Turning to Malone, he continued, “These are based mostly in your tattoos, and I ought to have identified that your tattoo was ‘At all times Drained,’ as a result of I’m studying it.” (Malone’s “At all times Drained” tattoo is featured prominently on his face.)

Meyers then apologized to his writers, who “simply give their all every single day.”  He mentioned, “My goodness, the hassle they put into this present. And yeah, so, so sorry,” then carried on together with his day consuming.

Late Evening with Seth Meyers airs weeknights at 12:35/11:35c on NBC. Watch Meyers drink with Malone within the video above.

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