‘Rude’ Hooters customer rejects server: ‘You weren’t attractive enough’

‘Rude’ Hooters customer rejects server: ‘You weren’t attractive enough’

This man feels like a complete boob. 

Hooters honey Kenzie Henderson is nearly deep frying a impolite restaurant-goer who allegedly refused to let her be his waitress — and TikTok skeptics suppose it’s as a result of he wasn’t happy along with her petite physique.  

“I’ve the worst luck with tables,” mentioned a annoyed Henderson in a trending tell-all clip filmed within the restroom of her Hooters location. 

In January, the saucy brunette went viral with a video exposing the hen shack chain for forcing its famously voluptuous and scantily clad waitstaff to buy $5 uniform tights from a merchandising machine within the lavatory.  

However throughout her most up-to-date restroom rant this month, which scored over 276,000 views, Henderson re-enacted her alleged confrontation along with her disgruntled buyer. 

Hooters waitress Kenzie Henderson claims a buyer refused to be served by her as a result of she “mentioned one thing” about him, however TikTok thinks it was as a result of he didn’t discover her “enticing” sufficient. NYPost Composite

After politely greeting the male patron, who’s title she selected to not present, Henderson claimed that the person grimaced and churlishly spat: “‘Oh, it’s going to be you that’s serving me? I’ll simply eat elsewhere then.’”

Perplexed by his unmerited shade, Henderson watched as the person requested the Hooters hostess to seat him at one other desk with a unique waitress. 

However when she requested her co-worker to seek out out why the man didn’t need her to serve him, Henderson was shocked to study that the dope had allegedly accused her of claiming “one thing,” presumably unkind, about him. 

“My boy, what would I’ve mentioned?,” she angrily questioned within the reenactment recording.

Kenzie claimed that she courteously requested the person if she might get him one thing to drink earlier than he rudely left her desk.
TikTok/ kenzjee

She mentioned that the person advised her fellow Hooters staffer that she was speaking about him.
TikTok/ kenzjee

On TikTok, Kenize says she would have been extra comfrotable if the person would have addressed the difficulty along with her straight.
TikTok/ kenzjee

“The truth that you’re insecure about no matter you’ve obtained happening — why are you taking that out on me?,” she continued. “Why are you [being] impolite to me as a substitute of clearing it up? You selected to be impolite as a substitute.”

“So now, I’m speaking about you,” she barked earlier than closing the clip. 

Surprised by her story, social media spectators took to Henderson’s feedback part, saying that the person’s conduct was probably a type of physique shaming.

“Truthfully, he in all probability simply wished a woman that was extra his sort or ‘prettier’ to him,” mentioned a commentator. 

“Not saying you aren’t fairly, however [men] are straight a-holes typically and it was [probably] his approach of claiming you weren’t enticing sufficient 4 him,” agreed one other. 

“He wished to have a look at [boobies],” one other chimed, noting Henderson’s slender body. 

To date, the id of her harsh Hooters habitué stays unknown. 

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