Queen Monet Has Saved ‘Gossip Girl’

Queen Monet Has Saved ‘Gossip Girl’

It could have taken HBO Max‘s Gossip Woman some time to seek out its new Blair Waldorf, however she’s lastly arrived in Season 2. Monet de Haan (Savannah Smith) has emerged as Constance Billiard’s new queen. And to our infinite delight, she’s poised to be extra Bloody Mary than benevolent ruler.

It’s a drained trope, however Gossip Woman has at all times revolved round ladies combating different ladies. Within the 2007 unique, there was definitely drama that didn’t contain Serena (Blake Vigorous) or Blair (Leighton Meester). However these schemes and betrayals had been secondary to the true draw of this collection: Serena vs. Blair. That later was Blair vs. Jenny (Taylor Momsen), then Blair vs. everybody else. For Gossip Woman to work, you want two powerhouse queen bees duking it out for dominance. That’s the dynamic that Season 1 of Joshua Safran’s continuation tried to recreate by pitting Julian (Jordan Alexander) towards her half-sister Zoya (Whitney Peak). It was additionally a flawed pairing from the beginning. Julian, along with her huge social empire and easy clout, was by no means actually threatened by an uninterested outsider like Zoya. That’s why it’s so scrumptious to see Monet step into the fray.

Monet has at all times been the rightful foe for Julian. They each come from the identical world, socially and economically. They perceive how vital it’s to wield energy. And although Julian pretends to be kinder, they’re each ruthless. Add in a shot of resentment on Monet’s half after years of being forged as background dancer to Julian’s one-woman present, and you’ve got the proper cocktail for a really addicting friends-to-enemies combat.

Inside minutes of Monet accepting her function as Julian’s new rival, the lady delivers. Within the first episode of Season 2, she lays out what’s going to occur to her recruited minions. The plan? Poke and prod at Julian till the present queen of the Higher East Aspect retaliates. As soon as the battle has began, anybody can win, irrespective of who threw the primary punch or who truly needed to be a part of this brawl.

“If I’m going to take Julian’s place, I want Gossip Woman to make my ascension public. The guillotine was positioned within the city sq. for a cause. You didn’t simply kill your enemy. You struck worry in everybody else as effectively,” Monet vents. “Come Sunday, Julian’s head will roll, and the crown that she by no means revered will lastly be all mine.”

Do you hear that? That’s a struggle cry. It’s the sound of a brand new order rising from the ashes of the previous one’s follies. It’s an excellent declaration that highlights the whole lot that makes this collection so deliciously twisted.

There’s one more reason why Julian’s newfound and at last satisfactory enemy is so thrilling. Gossip Woman has at all times been a present outlined by energy {couples}: Blair and Nate. Blair and Chuck. Jenny and Nate. Serena and no matter prince she met that week — you get the thought. Although Julian began out with Obie (Eli Brown), she’s probably not somebody who performs the facility couple sport. However Monet is. Which means we’re going to get to see Monet embark on probably the most attention-grabbing escapades of the standing obsessed. If you’re already on the high of the higher echelons, how do you discover a worthy match?

This has already been hinted at within the first episode of Season 2 because of Monet’s unconventional debutante escort. However are you able to think about it? Monet along with her exacting requirements and unflinching willpower to rule perusing the apps? Hearts gained’t be damaged. They’re going to be ripped out of chests and publicly eaten as a warning to by no means mess with the de Haan household. Even probably the most diehard Monet and Luna (Zión Moreno) shippers can’t presumably be ready for Monet in her chaos period.

Warfare can solely happen between two evenly matched foes. In any other case, it’s full obliteration. That’s what Monet is providing us on this second season, a battle so brutal and nefarious that it earns Gossip Woman’s consideration. To paraphrase our new queen, now shouldn’t be the time for abdication — solely execution. And associates? It’s going to be fabulous.

New episodes of Gossip Woman Season 2 premiere on HBO Max weekly on Thursdays. 

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