NASA launches website to report bright flashes in the sky called ‘sprites’

NASA launches website to report bright flashes in the sky called ‘sprites’

It’d sound like NASA is investigating one other UFO sighting with its newest name for citizen scientists’ assist, however the mysterious vivid flashes often known as “sprites” are a weather-related phenomenon.

Sprites are a type of Transient Luminous Occasion or TLE and are sometimes related to thunderstorms. These vivid gentle flashes occur above the storm in Earth’s higher environment about 50 miles up, producing fast flashes of reddish gentle in numerous shapes.

In line with NASA, it wasn’t till a 1989 unintentional {photograph} of a sprite did scientists have tangible proof for the flashes above thunderstorms. 

Exactly what causes TLEs continues to be a thriller. Sprites had been named for the fairy-like creatures in European folklore. Sticking with the theme, different TLEs are referred to as ELVES, Halos, Blue Jets and Gigantic Jets. 

To grasp these rapidly disappearing flashes, NASA introduced a brand new citizen science challenge referred to as Spritacular to crowdsource extra details about electrical phenomena. 

Spritacular principal investigator and NASA house physicist Burcu Kosar and his coinvestigators have created a picture database of sprites and different TLEs. Somebody who thinks they captured one on digicam can submit the photos at, together with particulars on when and the place it was recorded. 

Scientists will then evaluation the images. The pictures might result in scientific discoveries the place the photographer might be included as a coauthor on revealed research. 

“Individuals seize great photos of sprites, however they’re shared sporadically over the web, and many of the scientific group is unaware of those captures,” Kosar stated in a information launch. “Spritacular will bridge this hole by creating the primary crowdsourced database of sprites and different TLEs that’s accessible and available for scientific analysis.”

Since launching the web site, NASA has acquired stories of sprite sightings from all over the world, together with Texas, Hungary, Puerto Rico and Greece. 

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