My aunt is a money-hungry, conniving thief

My aunt is a money-hungry, conniving thief

DEAR ABBY: My aunt is a money-hungry, conniving thief. From the time I used to be a child, she at all times purchased me items. However when her dad and mom (my grandparents) died, she actually stole greater than $200,000 from them. She claims my grandfather willed all of it to her, which isn’t true as a result of he detested her. She promised my mother $5,000 when she retired. Effectively, it has been 10 years since Mother retired, and my aunt claims she doesn’t bear in mind promising her. Then she claimed she invested and misplaced it. Do I’ve a proper to be indignant at her? — MAD IN MICHIGAN

DEAR MAD: I believe so, and your mom has the correct to be even angrier. My query for you is how a lot time do you need to waste nursing the grudge? It doesn’t damage your aunt, nevertheless it takes up area in your head that may very well be dedicated to constructive endeavors. This isn’t to say it’s essential to keep a relationship with this lady. Fairly the opposite. 

DEAR ABBY: We’ve been visiting our kids and have been requested to take away our sneakers when inside. I’m diabetic. I’ve been complying with the no-shoes edicts, however reluctantly. We hold our sneakers on in our residence, so spending a number of days padding round in my socks makes me uncomfortable.

Abby, diabetics are cautioned to maintain their sneakers on always, even inside. There are actual dangers to a diabetic’s ft. Additionally, I’ve hassle navigating stairs and slipped a number of instances whereas climbing or descending the steps in my stocking ft. It’s harmful for me to go up and down uncarpeted wooden steps. It appears to me that the no-shoes folks ought to take into consideration a few of these points earlier than issuing a mandate. — DIABETIC DAD IN MISSOURI

DEAR DAD: Do nothing that’s counter to your physician’s orders. In the event you haven’t defined them to your kids, do it now. Maybe a compromise may work: Purchase a pair of sneakers or slippers for indoor use solely that you simply go away at their residence for the instances while you go to. Nevertheless, if they aren’t open to this concept, you’ll have to go to with them solely exterior their residence.

DEAR ABBY: I like this man at work. I believe he’s cute, however I don’t know if he’s . I additionally don’t know if there’s an opportunity he would ask me out. I’m scared I may be thought-about a “cougar.” I’m older than he’s by 5 (or extra) years. Please advise. — ANXIOUS IN MARYLAND

DEAR ANXIOUS: Are there any guidelines at work that discourage workers from relationship one another? Some companies have them. Does this man spend time speaking with you throughout breaks? If he does, it’s a hopeful signal. Has he talked about what he does exterior of labor and whether or not he’s seeing anybody? If he does flirt with you, you might at all times ask if he’d be excited by assembly for a drink after work, going to a sporting occasion, and many others. However be ready that he might want you just for a buddy. 

Pricey Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also called Jeanne Phillips, and was based by her mom, Pauline Phillips. Contact Pricey Abby at or P.O. Field 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

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